ltl-shipping-badgeMany times with any organization, there are times when your organization may need to have bulk materials shipped, but it’s just not economical to utilize the full capacity of a 53′ truck and service. In those moments, you need to contract a supplier of LTL services. Interstate Freight Carriers is one of the best and most economical providers of Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipping services.

Parcel Services

If you have shipping needs for items weighing up to 150 pounds, let Interstate Freight Carriers get your equipment from it’s start point to its destination quickly, efficiently, and intact.  We work with multiple businesses to provide parcel services which are at once timely and cost effective for our customers.

LTL Services

For many of our customers, they have definitive and continuing need to ship merchandise weighing between 15 and 20,000 pounds, but not making a full truckload to where it’s cost effective to ship.  Interstate Freight Carriers solves this problem with our LTL Services.  Using LTL with Interstate Freight Carriers, you can coordinate a timely and effective shipment that gets where it needs to without the exhorbonant expense of full 53′ tractor trailer utilization.