Image: Interstate Freight CarriersInterstate Freight Carriers are the best provider of logistical support today.  This support is not only timely, well coordinated and highly organized, but sets the standard to ensure that the shipment of your goods is handled in the most professional and efficient way possible.

In order to accomplish this, Intersate Freight Carriers provides the following logistical support services:

1.  Truckload – Interstate Freight Carriers features a truckload division which provides the best asset based and non-asset based truckload service in the area.  In meeting the ongoing transportation demands of our customers, we provide dedicated trucks and trailers to provide the widest range of transport services available today.

With over 50 company trucks as well as over 2,000 trucks under contract, Interstate Freight Carriers is equipped to supply a wide range of equipment.  This includes dry vans, flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, straight trucks and cargo vans.

Our team provides General Over The Road Truck Service, Dedicate Trucks and Trailer Service, and Local/Short Haul Services for our customers.

2.  Dedicated and Expedited Services – Interstate Freight Carriers offers a wide range of on-demand transportation solutions for customers of all sizes. On demand shipments often include fragile, high value, emergency parts, and equipment that has to be delivered quickly and with the utmost care. Interstate Freight Carriers exceed expectations on every shipment.

At Interstate Freight Carriers, we provide both Expedite and Same Day Priority Delivery services.

3.  Less Than Truck Load (LTL) Shipping – Many times with any organization, you need to have bulk materials shipped, but it’s just not economical to utilize the full capacity of a 53′ truck and service. In those moments, you need to contract a supplier of LTL services. Interstate Freight Carriers is one of the best and most economical providers of Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipping services.

Our LTL Shipping Services include both LTL Services and Parcel Services.

4.  Trade Show/Exhibit Services – In the business world today where exposure of your business is everything, Trade Shows and Exhibits have become one of the most important parts of any business’ marketing and advertising strategies.  With something that important, your business needs the best in delivering transportation solutions of your exhibits.  Interstate Freight Carriers set the standard for the Trade Show industry.

Interstate Freight Carriers has developed long-term relationships with our customers because of our focus, flexibility, commitment to quality, and high satisfaction levels – all at competitive prices. It’s this approach that has allowed us to become a single-source solution for so many of our customers.